Zhongguancun Digital TV Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the “Alliance”) was established with the aim of enhancing the independent innovation capability of domestic enterprises and enhancing the overall competitive advantage of China's digital TV industry. Its main objectives are: to integrate and coordinate industrial resources and social resources, to coordinate member relationships to achieve industry self-discipline; to strengthen the organic connection between basic research and industrial development in the field of digital television, to strengthen the layout of technological innovation systems from the source of industrial technology, to promote and improve The continuous innovation capability of the participating companies, and promote the organic combination of production learning research and use; enhance the research and development and manufacturing level of members in the digital TV field, promote the rapid and healthy development of the digital TV industry; promote digital TV standards, technologies, services and The promotion and application of industrial chain related products at home and abroad.
    The Alliance has concentrated on the digital TV industry's strengths in the entire industry chain, including content, systems, front-end, launch, networking, terminals, testing and operations, covering basic research, production, product (system) design, R&D, production, and integration. In the field of applications and applications, a relatively complete industrial chain has been formed, which is at the high end of the value chain of the digital TV industry.
The alliance takes the national terrestrial digital TV transmission standard of China's own intellectual property rights as an opportunity to organize member units to carry out technological innovation and product upgrades around the national standard and national standard technology evolution. At the same time, through the overseas promotion and application of national standards, the export of technology, products and services of member units is promoted. The Alliance adheres to the principles of guiding the healthy development of the industry, accelerating the transformation of scientific research results, promoting the export of standards, technologies, products and services, transferring the industry overseas, and promoting the upgrading of the digital TV industry structure. To provide systemic support for alliance members in product development, industrialization and promotion at home and abroad, to help alliance member companies to become bigger and stronger, and to promote the development of China's digital TV industry to a new level.